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Tales of the Great Fire of London 5th October 2017 Year 2


Year 2 had a visit from the History Man this week who enthralled the boys with tales of the Great Fire of London. 

The boys were given an animated vision of what living in the era would have been like, they experienced the sights, smells, sounds and possessions from the time around 1666 and even saw what the smoke around the city would have looked like.  The boys were given the opportunity to get involved, drawing possessions from the time be it cups, a curfew or one of the first teapots that English people saw.

The boys were told about gunpowder and how it would have been used to blow gaps in the rows of housing in an attempt to stop the great fire from spreading.  Then came the fun bit, the boys witnessed a lit gunpowder trail and used water pumps to put a fire out!  What a great way for the boys to learn a great story.

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