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Staying safe online 29th June 2017 Year 8


Our themes of the week aim to raise awareness of important topics and issues, for this week it was Cyber Bullying.

A topic such as this is of constant importance in world where children of all ages are online, therefore it is also important for children to be aware of the pitfalls of platforms which can sometimes be viewed as only positive.  

Assemblies and workshops for the boys in Years 3 and upwards were conducted with the aim of the boys always having a safe online experience.  Internal workshops were held, as well as workshops conducted by Barefoot Computing, a national organisation who support teachers with their computing curriculum.  

The first internal workshop was held for Year 8 who were asked to consider what cyber bullying is and what the difference between bullying and cyber bullying is, this is conjured up some very good answers.  The boys were reminded that your digital footprint, no matter how much you attempt to erase it, stays forever so be careful with everything you do online.

The boys were shown real life footage of families personally affected by cyber bullying whose message to others was simply to Be Kind.  Standing up to bullying and addressing it if you know this is happening to another is the right thing to do.  A board was created with offerings of what being kind means to them, presenting some great examples.  The workshops ended with offering practical advice on what to do if they did find themselves in the situation of being bullied or knew of it happening elsewhere.  

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