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Year 4 experience life as Evacuees 18th May 2017 Year 4


Year 4 were transported back to the 1940s this week for an World War 2 Evacuee Day. They arrived at Holdenby House to be greeted by Mrs North and Stella who were to help them learn skills to take with them to their new Evacuee homes later in the day. The boys learnt what to do during an air raid; going down into the cellar of the house to imagine what it would have been like to be there for an unknown amount of time. They were shocked at the amount of rations that were allowed per person per week and spent some time in the kitchen making a Walton pie as well as using some left over Christmas spice to bake some biscuits and create decorations for a cardboard birthday cake!


During our ‘make do and mend’ session the boys made rag rugs, pompoms and cardboard insoles for shoes. They sorted buttons and cut up newspaper to put in the lavatory! We then finished with some drill exercises in the hall before singing loudly to cheer up the soldiers staying upstairs and heading off to their new villages.  



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