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DAS experience an Alternative London 10th May 2017 DAS


DAS headed into Shoreditch, London for the first DAS whacky weekend trip of the term, the ‘Alternative London’ street art tour. The tour took them into the heart of the vibrant East End which has some of the most amazing graffiti and street art on display. They saw art pieces made of a whole range of materials, as well as paint there were sculptures made of chicken wire, pictures constructed solely from pieces of A4 paper, art work created on pieces of chewing gum on the pavement to name a few! The boys enjoyed learning about the stories behind each painting, one particular stand out story was a painting of a man called Charlie Burns who had lived just off of Brick Lane for 97 years, we learnt a little about his life and thought about how his walk along the street would have changed considerably over the century of his life.


The tour finished with a spray painting workshop where the boys were encouraged to let their creative juices flow with stencils and a wide variety of colours… We may have a future Banksy among us!


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