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It all added up.... 14th March 2017 Maths


A team of boys from Year 7 and 8 travelled to Oxford this week to take part in the the UK Maths Trust Team Challenge.  The competition saw 30 teams from across the home counties meet in the Andrew Wiles institute (of Fermat’s last theorem fame) at Oxford University.  The boys took on 4 very difficult rounds covering all aspects of mathematics to well beyond GCSE level. 


It was a closely fought competition that went right down to the wire.  Dylan McLeish, Monty Jarvis, Edward Reyner and Thomas Hilditch did incredibly well, finishing 4th overall.  What makes the win all the more impressive was the competition was made up of Year 8 and 9 students! 


For those interested in seeing some of the type of questions that confronted the boys, please see here.  

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