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Thank you for the music! 9th March 2017 Music

A wonderfully fun evening was had at the Family Concert evening this week.  Only a few days ago Mrs Rusmanis was worried that there wasn't going to be anyone to perform but come the evening there were 17 families taking part!

Everything from Coldplay through the Bare Necessities to Mozart was heard.  Violins with assorted brass instruments, piano, guitars, drums, vocals; a wonderful array of instruments and musical tastes, not forgetting all the many virtuoso triangle players who really should form a club....

A huge thanks to all the families who took part, the non-performing members of families who came to support and enjoy, and the boys themselves. It was an evening of smiles and laughter which will be remembered for a long time to come.

Thanks also to Mr Harrison for managing the technical side, Mrs Churchouse for accompanying and to the kitchen staff who provided much-needed fortification for everyone.

We already look forward to next year's concert.


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