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Senior & Middle School House Swim 21st March 2014 Sport Swimming

Never has so much noise been made in such a short space of time – it must be the Senior & Middle School House Swimming Gala.  Rivalry is always intense when it comes to House events, and this was no exception.


Displaying all 4 major strokes, and some hybrids versions, boys swam with grit and determination cheered on by fervent onlookers.  The windows rattled in the Swimming Pool, such was the vociferous support.


Scott took and early lead in the individual races, which proved to be unassailable.  The real battle, however, was for second place with Cook and Shackleton battling away down to the last few relay races.  In the end, the strength of Shackleton won through.


Final Scores:

Scott 124
Shackleton 102
Cook 99
Drake 77

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