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[F]ootball is played throughout the Lent Term by all boys from Years 2 – 8.

[O]ver the course of the term, all boys from Year 3 upwards will have represented the school in one of our twenty-three teams selected to play against other schools.

[O]lder boys play the full 11 a-side version of the game, whilst lower down we follow the recommendations of the FA Youth Development Board to ensure maximum opportunity, participation and fun whilst developing skills.

[T]raining sessions regularly see whole year groups practising together; each team has a dedicated coach to ensure continuity.

[B]all skills, teamwork and tactical awareness are key areas that we work on.

[A]ll pupils are expected to be appropriately dressed, including mandatory shin guards and to show respect on the pitch towards other players and the referee.

[L]earning to participate to the best of your ability, without recourse to undervalue the contributions of others and regardless of playing ability is seen as a key principal.

[L]ife lessons are taught through team games.

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