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Inclusivity is the mantra of the Drama Department at Davenies.

Every boy is presented with the opportunity to participate in an annual year-group performance, whether it be on stage or behind, creating scenery, as a lighting or sound technician, in the orchestra, or as an Assistant Director.

Stage skills, self-confidence, self-awareness and oral articulacy are encountered, embraced, learned and strengthened through Drama lessons: more important than that, however, is the wish that boys leave Davenies with a lifelong love of drama and performance.

Every production is a showcase of the skills learned in lessons, but is also a collaborative display as each boy contributes to the script. Ownership is one of the principle tenets of Drama, in addition to the subject being a vehicle by which each and every boy can demonstrate their talents.

LAMDA lessons are also available to students in Years 4 – 8 in Public Speaking, Acting, Musical Theatre and Verse & Prose.

Sian Marshall

Head of Drama

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