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Art triggers our imagination and invites us to look at the world from different angles. At Davenies we achieve this through painting, printing, pottery and every kind of two and three-dimensional work.

For boys, Art is the physical experience of making marks, manipulating materials and generally getting their hands dirty, and is essential for exploring techniques, mixing colours, developing a style, mastering media and in doing so gaining the confidence to create further.

Art offers much for boys who need freedom and space for individuality but, like Music, certain aspects require practice and patience. Much emphasis is placed upon the basics as boys learn to train the eyes, the mind and the hand.

Projects begin by pupils looking through the eyes of great artists from the past to the present. They are encouraged to lead themselves through a process of investigation, planning and development of a vision. Realising this necessitates entering into a decision tree – experimenting, rejecting, building, reworking and finally knowing when it is time to stop!

Art at Davenies represents a learning journey to uncover and master the universal language of shape, colour and emotion in order to appreciate and respond creatively to the amazing world around us.

Jacqueline Newell

Head of Art

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