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Learning Support

Learning Support at Davenies is a whole-school resource – integral and cross-curricular.

Our small team of support teachers are not only dyslexia specialists, but have additional expertise to enable them to adopt a whole-child approach and identify the underlying factors that may be preventing successful learning from taking place. Our support exists in class, in small groups and on a 1:1 basis.

Identification of a boy’s strengths and difficulties informs all involved so that learning can be a positive experience. We require assessment and intervention from experts occasionally, but, in such cases, we have trusted contacts to whom we can refer parents. External reports are summarised and the information shared with staff so that appropriate differentiation for additional learning can take place.

The Learning Support Department works closely with the English and Maths Departments to build key literacy and numeracy skills, but also with Pastoral Heads in order to add a different perspective to matters since there are many things that can affect a boy’s behaviour or learning in school.

Our friendly learning support team provides practical, morale-boosting and stigma-free support to boys and teachers alike in order that each child learns at an individual level and can progress at his own pace. We are a resource for parents too and have an open door policy.

Kate King

Head of Learning Support

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