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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club began in order to meet the needs of parents whose busy lives meant they found it difficult to drop their son at school for an 8:30 start to the day.

Running daily from 7:45, a small but enthusiastic group of boys from Reception – Year 8 come along to enjoy a hot or cold breakfast and be occupied with quiet activities in the Dining Hall.

Content to sit and chat with one another (despite the different age group mix) or with staff, Breakfast Club generates a warm hum of bonhomie. The boys, who look forward to days when beans are on offer, or if it is their turn to use the ever popular dinosaur stencil, are all signed-up as members of the Breakfast Club to manage numbers, but may turn up ad hoc on any day.

Prep School boys are sent to the Astroturf to meet their classmates when they have had their fill of food, and Pre-Prep boys are taken over to their form rooms at 8:30 by our Welfare Assistant so that they can begin their day of adventure at Davenies.

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