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There can be no doubt that the first years of formal schooling are paramount.

During this time boys develop rapidly, acquiring the knowledge and skills they need for future schooling and, more importantly, for life. We instil in our boys a love of the learning process, developing their academic capabilities. At the same time we nurture in them a sense of respect for others and themselves, and encourage good manners thereby moulding them into pro-social individuals.

In our ever-changing world the ready use of technology means that boys no longer need to retain vast tracts of knowledge, instead they must learn how to filter and apply it appropriately. They need to recognise that resilience and challenge are the key to unlocking learning: this is what you will see in our Pre-Prep.

With two classes in the year groups, each supported by their own Teaching Assistant, the boys encounter work that is planned carefully to stretch them whilst building upon previous skills and knowledge. The boys’ topics, presented in a fun and practical way, have been chosen specifically to appeal and hook them into their own learning.

Structured class-teaching and creative play are fundamental in the learning process for the early years and, as boys develop, increasing emphasis is placed on the more formal elements of literacy and numeracy, as well as the all-round development of each individual.

With a challenging curriculum, after-school clubs, and staff who seek the potential in every child within their care, Davenies Pre-Prep is a warm, friendly and purposeful environment where your son’s confidence is fostered and his efforts recognised.

Deborah Battersby

Head of Pre-Prep

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