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At Davenies we agree with Michael’s sentiments and deliver a curriculum that is vibrant and dynamic, that both inspires boys and instils a sense of value, awe and wonder about our world.

We encourage boys to think critically about the future world in which they will live, making Geography the most relevant subject on offer.

Geography enables boys to make sense of a constantly changing and complex world. We discover how and why places and landscapes are formed, whilst questioning our place on Earth, our values and responsibilities to other people, to the environment and towards the sustainability of our planet. No mean feat, some would say!

Geography, then, is taught as a practical subject. As such, each year group carries out extensive fieldwork beyond the classroom walls in order to gain real understanding of the subject matter, whether it be to the River Wye as it flows through Hughenden, the South Downs National Park, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Normandy, Austria or Iceland!

Yet in the classroom, the Geography Department embraces new technologies continually, which only enhances our inquiry-based approach. All lessons begin with a question; the learning journey to the answer is then explored…

Phillip Scriven

Head of Geography

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