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Religious Studies

The RS Department’s central tenet is what one thinks and believe affects how one lives. Our credo and ideas, religious or not, influence the kind of person we become.

Through the dialogue of competing world views, RS lessons develop critical thinking, and facilitate ideas whilst encouraging every boy to be treating themselves and others as unique and highly valued, whatever their faith or background.

The major world religions of Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity are studied through lively, interactive and discussion-based lessons; these are linked to contemporary issues. Knowledge, understanding and empathy are applied to real-life situations. Philosophy and ethics are entwined, inevitably – ‘Can we prove or disprove God’s existence?’, for instance, is a topic embraced by Year 7.

The important ideas and issues of the day are discussed and analysed. We strive for the boys to have an opinion based on fact and sound judgement, but also teach them the humility to listen and comprehend the views of others.

The RS Department seeks to impart a greater awareness and understanding of the world around us.

Carl Rycroft

Head of Religious Studies

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