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History at Davenies instils in boys an understanding of the past and illustrates its appurtenant to the present.

Learning revolves around curiosity and a willingness to ask ‘Why?’ We furnish the boys with a sound knowledge of the past hand-in-hand with developing analytical skills. We empower them to form their own theories based on the evidence at hand.

Our curriculum is boy-centric; from the great battles of the Norman Conquest to the scandal and intrigue of the Tudors, we inspire and engage boys. The rich tapestry of British History provides the backdrop for the majority of our lessons, but it is interspersed with such topics as America from 1900, including the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, allowing boys to contrast and compare evidence and types of sources available.

History at Davenies is hands-on, interactive and visual. This is none more so highlighted than through our termly History Mystery trip which demonstrate aptly that is not solely a subject at school, but is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives.

The History Department imbues the desire to know more of the past and equips each boy with the skills with which it may be revealed.

Sophie Bell

Head of History

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