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A Boys' School

Davenies does not just happen to be a boys’ school, it is very deliberately so.

From the activities offered, the staff employed, the length of the lessons and how they are taught, it is all based around boys. It is tempting to think of boys’ schools as rough and tumble environments where the boys have to be robust and where an awful lot of rugby is played. The reality is that boys’ schools contain all sorts of boys with many areas of interest and personality. Of course there are boys who love their games, who are energetic and have an active approach to their learning. There are as many boys who are gentle, creative, artistic and others that are happy to clutch an oval ball for some parts of the day and hold a bow for his violin for concerts. The difference is that these boys are not looking over their shoulder wondering if being in the play or singing a solo is something they should be doing.

Davenies provides lots of ways for the boys to grow into young men – they leave to go to single sex and co-ed schools, but gone are the days when, socially, they do not see girls until they go to university!

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