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Building learning power on shifting sands is the challenge for IT in schools in the 21st Century.

It is not an exaggeration to say that our lives depend upon computer systems, and that these already have an enormous impact on the way the modern child lives, thinks and acts. To this end, we see it as imperative that IT facilitates enhanced learning and its use embraced inside the four walls of the classroom, and beyond.

Whilst the younger boys at Davenies focus on developing their IT skillset, confidence and competence, so our older boys encounter the rudiments of Computer Science in programming, the principles of computing and discovering how computer systems work. All this is achieved through inquiry-based approaches that encourage creativity, independent learning, challenge and success.

Without an understanding of computing, boys are but users, dependent on others. By learning programming skills our boys develop logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking, design and structured problem-solving: all concepts and skills that are invaluable for life.

IT, of course, underpins learning both across the curriculum and through the age ranges. Researching, evaluating and embracing new technologies enables us to ensure continued and sustained opportunities for creativity, learning journeys and collaboration.

Exciting times lie ahead…

Elizabeth Gibson

Head of IT

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