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Culture rich and historically exhilarating, the addition of Latin in your son’s learning is crucial.

Boys are often surprised when they start Latin in Year 6 at how much vocabulary they recognise already. Sentence structure, then, grows rapidly as links with English and the other romance languages become evident. An interest in and a love of language is nurtured in every lesson – etymology is alive and well!

Through sparky, active and orally-driven lessons, Latin is a bespoke learning journey tailored to suit each individual boy. Self-challenge is imperative as boys are empowered through their own work, and take ownership of it. Having the freedom to follow up on ideas is an integral part of the learning process, with support and encouragement. Through challenge thinking pathways develop alongside independence and self-confidence.

Latin is taught through context having cross-curricular links with many of the topics the boys discover in other subject areas. The learning undertaken by the boys can be seen in posters for Augustus’ birthday, pamphlets, estate agent fliers for roman villas, or research into World War I soldiers from the local area.

Elizabeth Graham

Head of Latin

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