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Parler plusieurs langues c’est vivre plusieurs vies

Learning another language is learning another rhythm, another sound, another melody. Learning another language is understanding another culture whilst developing your own. Conversing in another language is promoting curiosity, perseverance and independence.

From Reception – Year 8, all boys are challenged to use the target language whilst engaged in fun activities, role play, mimes, singing and discussions, and applying the 4 essential skills needed to master a foreign language:

  • Reading (text – poetry – newspaper articles)
  • Listening (native speakers – songs/Lyrics – films)
  • Writing (creative and analytical skills)
  • Speaking (role play – speeches – presentation)

At Davenies, we wish to inspire our boys to become, from a very early age, true linguists and confident speakers. We promote the French culture through the Cinema Club, trips and various websites where they are able to discover another cultural dimension.

Valerie Chamberlain

Head of MFL

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