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At Davenies, Mathematics is more than just a subject, it is a way of thinking.

In our lessons each boy seeks to understand the techniques and methods of Mathematics in conjunction with his peers and his teacher rather than sitting through chalk and talk.

We foster inquiry-based approaches to facilitate independent learning; our boys work without the fear of failure. We create a boy-centric working environment that is conducive to success – pupils in class are rewarded for asking ‘Why?’

Our boys challenge each other, discuss ideas and pose questions in order to enhance the learning experience for all through problem-solving and investigations. Wherever possible the boys use real-world data and problems to bring the subject to life.

The Maths Department understands its place in the academic jigsaw of Davenies. We are responsible for providing lessons for life by instilling in our charges an ability to deliberate and work through problems. Our teaching philosophy produces happy, confident thinkers who have the tools to tackle challenges positively and face adversity calmly.


Andrew Tennant

Head of Mathematics

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